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Meet the Team


Mike Seidel, Owner/Animal Enthusiast

Mike spent over forty years in the corporate world, and after encountering a few life-changing events, he decided to work for a non-for-profit organization that cared for injured and orphaned widlife.  Mike realized his love for animals and in 2010 Barker, Meowski & Tweet was born.  With just six clients to start, BMT now boasts over 600 clients in 2021.


His home is filled with his own cats, birds and pup, Juju. Mike is trained in basic first aid, administering oral medication and performing injections.  He promises to treats his client’s fur babies needs above all else.  His authentic, personalized and sincere approach places his company as one of the top professional dog walking and pet sitting companies in the Columbus area.


Olivia Carney, Manager/Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Team Float)

Olivia was a General Manager in the hospitality for over 15 years. She met Mike in April of 2018 and joined the BMT team part-time to assist with the growing business. Within a year, business was booming and Olivia became full time manager of BMT.  She currently has two rescued fur babies: Piglett (daschund), and Tiana aka, Baby Kitty.  


It is important to Olivia to raise her two young daughters around animals to teach them the respect and love that our furry companions deserve. Olivia strongly believes that a work-life balance is important. She loves managing BMT and meeting and caring for hundreds of fur friends!


Patrick Carney, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Dublin/Powell/N Columbus)

Patrick joined the BMT Team in the Fall of 2019, and he has been a cheerleader for his wife, Olivia Carney (BMT Manager), since her start with the company.  Patrick has always had pets in his life, and with his wife, has rescued and adopted two dogs and three cats.  He is looking forward to caring for BMT’s fur friends in his spare time.


Kirsten Brownlee, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Clintonville/Worthington/UA/

Kirsten joined BMT in the Spring of 2023. She graduated from National K-9 School for Dog Trainers here in Columbus and is a Certified Professional Trainer. Kirsten loves being outdoors with her dog, Pepper, and watching wildlife. She looks forward to meeting new BMT clients on the East Side and loving their pets as much as they do.


David Clark, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Dublin/Powell)

Dave began with BMT in the Spring of 2022. He is an avid dog lover and recently rescued Pierce, a young beagle husky mix, that Dave has helped gain confidence with his new life and separation anxiety. Growing up, Dave was surrounded by Saint Bernards and cats. He is confident with all animals and making them feel comfortable.  He looks forward to spending his free time with more fur friends.


Debbi Fichter, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Polaris/Worthington/Clintonville/N Columbus)

Debbi began with BMT in the Summer of 2021 and is the proud mom to fur baby, Sophi, her 12 yr old mixed peek/pug/poodle.  She has lived in Columbus most of her life and is Nana to three wonderful grandsons. Now that her grandkids are in school fulltime, Debbi looks forward to spending her retirement sharing her love with animals.


Kate Goudy, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Clintonville/Short North/Upper Arlington)

Kate joined the BMT Group in the Spring of 2022 and is the proud mom of two amazing young boys, Goldendoodle and cat, Chia.  She grew up in a small town north of Columbus on a farm, always having dogs, cats, bunnies and plenty of nature to explore. Kate attended Ashland University and the Art Institute in San Francisco, and has continued her love of art through animals and nature with pet portraits and nature inspired watercolor. She is excited to be involved with this great team, spend time outdoors, and most of all meet new fur babies to love!


Jana Hakes, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (German Village/S Columbus)

Jana has taken care of animals her entire life.  She has worked for various cat sitting and dog walking businesses; and in 2014, Jana began working for a Cat Welfare clinic as a care technician.  She joined the BMT team in 2018.  Jana’s personal mission is “To improve the quality of pet’s lives through exercise and love.”  Jana believes that the love given is returned tenfold.


Theresa Henry, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Powell/N Columbus/UA/Dublin)

Theresa, aka Terry, Tia and “T” lives with her son in the house she was born, in Delaware County that four generations of her family has lived. She has been around animals since birth including farm animals, cats, dogs, birds, fish, snakes, lizards, and even a horny toad. At the age of nineteen, Theresa began working at the Columbus Zoo as a keeper in the Children’s Zoo.  Critters and fur babies have played an important role in her life. Theresa is one of the original BMT Team Members and has been with the company since 2014.


Lexi Hornish, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Hilliard/S Dublin/UA)

Lexi joined the BMT team in the Winter of 2022. Since childhood, she has been an avid animal lover and began pet sitting for friends and family and working at a boarding facility at the age of 15. Lexi also spent a couple of years working at a dog grooming salon where she gained knowledge in animal care, handling dogs and connecting with clients. Lexi adores nature and the outdoors and firmly believes humans can learn about life through their animal companions and the great outdoors.


Lisa Killinger, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Team Float)

Lisa began with BMT in the Summer of 2021. She always had a family dog while growing up and held a fascination of all types of animals. Through the years Lisa has had dogs, rabbits, birds and reptiles.  Lisa truly understands the incredible bond and unconditional love that we have with our pets; and her pup, Wilhelmina, is a true testament of how an animal can get a person through the toughest of times.  Lisa worked in the medical field as a receptionist for over 25 years. She enjoys singing, yoga and cuddling with her pup.


Charles Lease, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Dublin/Powell/Hilliard/N Columbus)

Charles, aka Charley lives in Dublin with his wife and two fur babies, Lilly (yellow lab) and Callie (Shiba Inhu).  Charley left the world of law to pursue a writing career and has published a few books. He met Mike by chance in 2015 and realized his love for dogs and began walking for BMT. With the assistance of his wife, Charley created a dog treat company called Callie Coo.  The company features organic and gluten free dog treats.  Charley feels it’s important to feed our fur babies as well as we feed ourselves.


Lisa Kuhlman, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Hilliard/Upper Arlington)

Lisa began with BMT in the Winter of 2023.  She has been around animals most of her life; whether they are her own or caring for her family or friend's fur families. Lisa enjoys the outdoors, hiking through metro parks, and horseback riding. She loves the presence of horses and strongly believes in the therapy and joy that all animals give. Lisa recently lost her best furry friend, Artie, and understands the unconditional love and bond a pet brings to our lives. She currently has a bird named Betty and hamster that goes by "Hammy". Lisa looks forward  to making new fur friends with BMT and caring for them as they were her own.


Ginger Krupp, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Worthington/Polaris/Westerville)

Ginger began with BMT in the Fall of 2023.  Her life has been filled with care giving to four children, numerous pets, ailing parents and notably over seven years as a professional hospice nurse. Ginger also had  a long standing career in the cosmetology industry. Currently, she lives with her husband and two mini Shitzu pups, Tucker and Torrie. Ginger enjoys traveling, gardening, reading, socializing with friends and is active in her ladies group at church. She is always ready for a new adventure and is thrilled to be a part of BMT to continue care giving for our furry friends!


McKinsey Rankin, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Grandview/UA)

McKinsey joined BMT in July of 2018. She has loved animals since she was young and currently has a cat named Nigel.  McKinsey believes that “pets make a house a home!” She is happy and excited to join BMT to spend more time with animals and to develop personal relationships with their owners.


Kathleen Radcliff, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Clintonville/Upper Arlington/German Village)

Katheleen joined the BMT team in the Spring of 2022.  She is a woman of many trades from a licensed realtor, Mary Kay consultant, and ballroom dance instructor. Kathleen grew up with dogs and especially holds a special spot in her heart for American Eskimos. She lost her furry companion, Reagan, and looks forward to the day that she is rescued again. Until then, she looks forward to meeting many new fur friends with BMT.


Priya Natarajan, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Clintonville/UA/Grandview/N Columbus)

Priya joined the BMT Team in the Summer of 2023. She loves animals of all kinds and  seems to stumble into being a pet mom, having found previous fur babies on roadsides, in parking lots, in backyards, etc. She recently lost her senior cat Elli and pittie, Billie after 14 and 11 years of wonderful company respectively. Priya currently has three cats, Cassie, Calluna, and Maximus. She also has experience caring for fish, rodents, snakes, hermit crabs, and on one notable occasion a baby pot-bellied pig. Priya looks forward to caring for the new fur friends she meets at BMT while she waits to stumble into her next pup.


Grayson Mulgrew, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Hilliard/S Dublin/UA)

Grayson joined the BMT team in the Summer of 2023. He has been caring for a variety of animals from a young age. He currently shares his home with a disabled rescued pigeon, Buddy, three budgerigars: X-Ray, Gamma-Ray and Sunbeam, an old cat named Fifi, and a blue tiger centipede. Previously, Grayson was a loving companion to several rats, a rescued ring neck dove, a rabbit and chocolate lab. He has been walking dogs for several professional companies and prides himself in learning their unique personalities, needs and temperaments. Grayson graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design and is a visual artist. When he is not caring for animals, he enjoys printmaking, birdwatching and wildlife photography.


Janine Roberts, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (UA/German Village/Clintonville)

Janine began with BMT in the Spring of 2022. after living around the US, she is now settled closer to home and her family. She and her wife have 3 small dogs and 3 small cats that have their favorite spaces around their home. Janine loves taking her dogs hiking and exploring around the Ohio parks. She works full time from home for a local nonprofit and looks forward to getting out of the house to spend time with her BMT fur family.


Scott Sloan, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Polaris/Westerville)

Scott joined BMT in the Winter of 2022. He lives in Sunbury with his wife, two daughters, three dogs and two cats. Scott grew up with dogs and holds a deep love and finds true joy spending time with them. He is excited to spend more time in the outdoors with new fur friends.

Kyle BMT Pic.jpg

Kyle Smart, Professional Walker/Pet Sitter (Dublin/Hilliard/UA)

Kyle joined the BMT team in the Fall of 2023 and is the father of two cats: Ahsoka and Iroh. He grew up in Hilliard and always had a family dog growing up (Dakota and Duke). Kyle graduated from Ohio University with a degree in Finance, but has a longing for a career in the pet industry. In his free time, he volunteers at the Columbus Humane Society. Kyle is ecstatic to join the BMT team and spend time with new furry friends.

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